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Railroad safety has improved significantly over the last 25 years. Welcome to track guy consultants your best source for railroad track training, railroad track inspection, trackwork training, fra and apta training. Rr track v5 is the answer for all your toy or model train layout design headaches. In addition to internal railroad inspection procedures, periodic track inspections are. Railroad field management software railroad management. The trimble gedo ims system, consisting of a track survey trolley trimble gedo ce 2. Improving inspection of turnouts railway track and structures. We believe as you learn more about our product you will keep your rail terminal on the right track. Railroad track inspection railroads have moved over 2. Dave joined the federal railroad administration fra in 1989.

This 40hour course addresses standard railroad procedures for maintaining and inspecting track and track structures. The railroad inspection template app can be customized for use during railroad track inspection and maintenance work in any area. Railroad track maintenance railroad track inspections. Track safety standards tss class 15 with an interactive approach both in the classroom and in the field. Trackasset is a mapbased asset and inspection management application designed to meet the federal railroad. This is done to help our customers and ourselves by not having derailments on your tracks. If your tracks belonged to the railroad we would be required to make at least monthly. While you are designing your dream layout, you will discover that it is a lot easier to game out track and accessory configurations using rrtrack and your pc than to discover, with 100 track sections in place. Magnetic track inspection tape measure magnetic tip allows one worker to quickly check track gauge. Ensco is a leading provider of automated and autonomous track inspection systems, webbased data management systems, vehicle dynamics analysis and simulations, and largescale systems integration for federal and commercial railways. Railroads use hirail vehicles, electronic detection equipment, handheld devices and other. Railroad tools and solutions gauges archives railroad. A high quality, downward facing image acquisition system is mounted on a.

Track guy consultants best source for railroad track training, railroad track inspection, trackwork training, fra and apta training and railroad handbooks and construction handbooks. Ensco rail autonomous track inspection data management. View larger download our team of roughly 400 track inspectors is dedicated to ensuring the railroad is safe and reliable every day. Railroad inspections, railroad track maintenance, railroad. The railroad track maintenance inspection and inspection report app helps ensure that rail inspections are completed according to the federal railroad. Riley edwards, lecturer esther resendiz, graduate research assistant john m. Improving inspection of turnouts on track for success. Service options software solution maintenance and shadow operations electronic record keeping. Trackasset is an enterprise level asset inspection management software designed to simplify and increase the efficiency of completing regulatory and regular inspections. He also has been trained in computer information systems and was a software engineer early in his. No more templates to struggle with, no messy erasing and scribbling, no emergency table extensions propped on sawhorses, no last second hacking of the xmas tree, just pop up the menus off this fully graphical software in the gauge of your choice and plan away. Railroad software launches fra compliant bridge inspection. Railroad track inspection software railroad and rail. Track, operating practices, s motive power and equipment, signals and train control, and c hazardous materials.

Oldcastle infrastructure is the industry leader in developing solution driven products. Platform gauge clearance and otherwise call for price 55337070. A thorough track inspection involves walking the entire track, visually evaluating the subgrade, rail, ties, ballast, switches and turnouts. Track guy consultants best source for railroad track. The railroad attempts to make at least one annual inspection of all the industrial tracks served. Dave has an engineer of mines degree from the colorado school of mines in 1968.

Additional components and sensors can be added to the system to enable the usage of further applications and to guarantee the best. Oct 31, 20 dave joined the federal railroad administration fra in 1989. This research developed an automated visual inspectiondetection system to identify structural defects in railroad tracks. Railroad software was founded with a single goal for the rail yard industry. Thats why railworks provides comprehensive inspection and maintenance for your track.

Create management software, by railyard professionals, as an affordable solution regardless of size or technical capabilities. Inspection of railway systems in general, and of track and key track components in particular, has been the subject of new and innovative technology designed to more accurately monitor the condition of the track structure and its key components and provide timely and accurate information to the responsible maintenanceofway officers. A high quality, downward facing image acquisition system is. Maintaining and inspecting railroad track was given in madison, wis. To provide an alternative, fra is developing a highspeed photo inspection system that will identify the presence of a joint bar in continuous welded rail cwr, take a highresolution, highquality picture of the gage and field sides of the joint bar, and use patternrecognition software to automatically detect a crack and create a report for. Trackasset is a mapbased asset and inspection management application designed to meet the federal railroad administrationsfra requirements for signal, bridge, track, and switch inspections. Color coded overlay scale gives tolerance for outofgauge track and crosschecking guard rail and frog spacing for class 1 through class 5 track. Feb 22, 2011 this research developed an automated visual inspection detection system to identify structural defects in railroad tracks. As a part of accomplishing that task, railroad inspectors must perform track inspections. Schools offering industrial automation engineering technology degrees can also be found in these popular choices. The sharp, clear, and consolidated application allows users the ability to see their assets through web accessible browsers both from a desktop and mobile devices. Rail insidertrack inspection equipment and services. Railroad inspection failure analyzed and addressed.

The first phase of software development was implemented in july and a. Track inspector tape measure, 25 ft aldon company inc. After 20 years with the fra, he retired in 2008 and has continued to be active in the railroad industry. Each course is tailored to a specific need the engineering department perceives in the railroad industry, including basic knowledge of track inspection and maintenance. Trackasset railroad and rail terminal management software. Railroad software has launched bridge inspection software within its trackasset application for the electronic capture of bridge inspections for the federal railroad administration fra compliance. Railroad track maintenance, railroad track inspections, rail car mover sales, repair and maintenance. New rail safety technologies us department of transportation. Railroad track inspection software railroad and rail terminal. Paperless workforce optimization and collaboration for. Track inspection and track maintenance c and s rail. Within a few days of the inspection, we will present a detailed report featuring an overall track evaluation and an assessment of each turnout in the facility. The railpod vehicles you see working on the tracks today have gone through four generations of development. Rail defect identification workshop this workshop will update track workers on all aspects of proper rail defect identification which will incorporate the use of the rail defect remedial action plan as noted in the new fta.

Visvesvaraya national institute of technology, nagpur, india. The railroad inspection procedures form covers the rails, crossing lights, vehicle licensing, railroad safety and more. Easily manage the execution of testing, inspection, and maintenance for signals, track, and wayside assets. Mar 26, 2019 railroad software has launched bridge inspection software within its trackasset application for the electronic capture of bridge inspections for the federal railroad administration fra compliance. The railer red software also displays defect findings from a previous inspection for verification if the defect was fixed or still remains. Track supervisor demarcus thompson performs a routine track inspection, measuring rail gauge on the commuter operations service unit outside chicago.

Federal inspection programs include that administered. Do you have the right track guy handling your inspections. Some of the products services we offer are railroad track construction, rail track maintenance, rail repair services, railroad spur design, railroad track inspection, railroad track maintenance, railroad track contractors, railroad service, railroad track inspection, track work, railroad repair and railroad siding. They make it easy to streamline your capital maintenance programs, stay compliant with industry regulations and keep your tracks running smoothly. Improving inspection of turnouts railway track and. However, they are considered very slow and tedious, when there are thousands of miles of track that need inspection. Ever needed an introductory course to learn more about the means and methods of track construction and how it works. This likewise is reflected in the turnout standards, which include key provisions that are qualitative rather than quantitative, such as fra. Railroad track inspections rosb has 7 fracertified track inspectors plus one vacancy. Trackit integrates common railroad data, such as track geometry, rail wear, track quality index, tonnage, track speed, curvature, infrastructure, and program maintenance history, into consolidated graphical and reporting views with an intuitive interface that requires minimal enduser training. Handheld inspection devices are very useful for this when the track is used heavily, because they can be removed relatively easy. Railroad track inspection software trackasset is a mapbased asset and inspection management application designed to meet the federal railroad administration sfra requirements for signal, bridge, track, and switch inspections.

Rail insidertrack inspection equipment and services update. In addition, it displays the operating restriction for a recorded defect in real time based on the governing track standard. The railpod vehicle is designed to be easily ferried and operated by a single inspector. Research what it takes to become a railroad inspector. Enscos testing service has launched the comprehensive track inspection vehicle ctiv, a hirailbased platform that provides an array of measuring and machine vision technology, including track. Railroad software was founded with a single goal, to make railyard management software available and affordable to every rail yard in the world regardless of their size or technical capabilities. The automated track inspection program atip, track geometry car serves an important role in the federal railroad administrations fra overall compliance programs. Company founder, jeff birminghams roots run deep within the railroad industry.

Learn about potential salary, job duties and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you. Rrtrack turns any windows pc and macs running virtualpc or parallels workstation into a sheet of electronic graph paper, allowing for endless combinations and whatif scenarios. Computervision based visual inspection and crack detection of railroad tracks. Track rehabilitation and construction services all of our services are performed by a qualified track inspector and can be arranged on a routine basis to ensure key maintenance dates are honored. Startrack railroad products have been installed in hundreds of projects throughout the country since 1987, resulting in rail solutions that can be counted on to provide decades of reliable service. Proactive service to keep your track exceeding industry standards. Our company has performed work in the following states. The system can be configured to accommodate the test and inspection forms required for a user to meet fra standards.

Federal lnspectionl federal inspection activities focus primarily on five major aspects of the railroad. We are passionate about providing a better inspection process that generates more frequent, actionable, prioritized data for the customer. Sure, you can cruise with a busted muffler, but you cant make do with a faulty piece of track. Aldon railroad track levels and gauges are standard items on the class i railroads that carry the bulk of the national railbourne freight. Barkan, associate professor narendra ahuja, professor railroad engineering program. Railroad software has launched bridge inspection software within its. Ensco is a leading provider of automated and autonomous track inspection systems. The federal railroad administration fra regulation 49 cfr part 2 requires each railroad to ensure that its track meets or exceeds all federal safety standards. We believe with better data, maintenance costs will be reduced, and safety of operations will continue to improve. Grex track inspection solutions put cuttingedge technology to use to find track flaws and ballast deficiencies that traditional inspection methods might miss.

The detailed track inspection procedures are designed to implement the recently issued army track standards in a manner consistent with the larger goals of railer, thus promoting both track safety and track mainte nance management. Our inspection tools are made to last and measure accurately. Aldon railroad inspection products help keep track both mainline and industrial spur tracks in good working order. Rail inspection cars and hirail trucks are the answer to todays high mileage inspection needs. The railpod is small, portable, customizable and operator friendly.

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